How can you find accurate soccer prediction sites?

Every soccer punter buys exact score tips according to best of his knowledge but whether his decision is right is decided only when the result comes out.

If he wins, he can feel a sigh of relief and if he loses, he can blame it on his understanding of betting. Accurate soccer prediction sites can be found on search result pages and social media but you need complete knowledge of soccer betting to determine the reliability of a tipster.

Knowledge of football

What do you know about the game of soccer? It is a 90-minute game played between two teams and each team has 11 players. It is basic information insufficient for buying tips. You have to look beyond teams. You have to study the performance of each player to calculate the performance of teams.

Experience in betting

What is your experience of betting? You should be able to simplify odds so that you understand the potential results predicted by your bookie. Experience is the biggest teacher. If you are new to soccer betting, chances are that you could make a mistake in recognizing a reliable tipper. There are many tippers but it is very difficult to find a trustworthy professional without having knowledge on tips.

Information on tips

• Performance of a team and even of a player never remains steady. It changes according to conditions like personal fitness of the player.

• Every team has a strategy that affects its overall performance and results.

• Every player has a specific position in his team. It could be center forward, full back and second striker. And the performance of players depends on each other.

• Every team has its track record of participating in football tournaments and winning and losing matches.

• Mathematics formulas of calculating probabilities apply on football betting. It is possible to break soccer betting odds like math equations.

• Inside information is needed for breaking the odds. Secret information is sourced from bookies and betting syndicates.

• A strong team is a potential winner against a weak team but in betting the weak teams are provided handicap that brings them on equal footing with strong teams.

Strike rate

Every tipper has a strike rate that tells about his winning probabilities and most tipsters have a high rate of winning. They claim to have above 90% strike rate. It is possible but you should check the rate of strike with experience of the tipper.


You will read reviews on soccer tippers and chances are that you could find all reviews reliable. If you don’t know the value of reviews, you won’t be able to find genuine feedback of customers. A review is like a vote and it could be for or against a tipper.

Free tips

Some tippers provide free tips and also claim to be accurate soccer prediction sites because. They can be reliable as free predictions are often used for marketing. You should make opinion on a website only after studying its services.


It is easy to find the best tipster correct score if you have knowledge and information on soccer tips. If you know how tips are made, you can easily find a reliable tipper.