What is the relation between football statistics and predictions?

Football statistics and predictions are closely related to each other. It can be said that the outcome of football matches is hidden in the stats of national soccer teams playing those matches. Performance of a national football team can be determined from its past record.

An American site of prediction soccer can easily predict the outcome of a football match by going through the stats of the contesting teams. In other words, the website has the stats of all the national football teams and clubs. There are teams that have been playing soccer for more than 100 years and also there are teams that are formed in the 20th century.

So, how soccer tipsters source the data

History of national football teams and clubs: Tipsters dig history of football to get important data. Every soccer team has a history that tells about its origin track record. Tippers study the history of every team and use important data regarding teams for making predictions about football matches. For example, the history of Italy would tell how the Italian national team plays in specific tournaments.

News reports: Every football match makes history. In betting, every match matters. Tippers keep an eye on every match and record performance of teams and individual players. They read what newspapers write about soccer players. And they keep important news reports in their databank.

Change of guards: Football clubs and national teams keep changing their guards from time to time. When a team appoints a new coach, it makes news as the new coach can infuse new talent in the team. Also, the coach can boost up the performance of present players and prepare the team for the world cup title.

Inside connections: It is the most reliable and also the most important source of information on soccer betting odds. The tippers have business association with bookies and betting syndicates and they use their inside connections for the benefit of their clients. Here it is necessary to mention that not all the tippers are well connected with bookies.

Science: Football prediction is science and not astrology. Here you study the individual performance of players to calculate the overall performance of a team. Also, there is a formula that gives accurate results. Tipsters keep looking for formulas that can help in breaking the odds in a hassle-free manner. You can ask how science is related to data. And you will be surprised to know that it is science that makes predictions using data.

Tipsters preserve the data

• They have to keep a large bank of football statistics and predictions. Also, the data has to be accessible so that it can be used as and when required. Tippers invest a lot of time and money in data collection and preservations. And those that can use data can never make the accurate predictions.

• Some sites give daily freesupertip football prediction to attract punters. These websites are able to give the right tips with the help of their databank. Since they have huge databank, they don’t have to work hard for making tips.